Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April 1st -- Summer Possession Notice Deadline -- No Fooling!

A Reminder and Word of Warning:

In Texas, the standard possession schedule has a provision that the parent who is given the right to have the children for up to 30 days in the summer must notify the other parent of the dates when he or she wants the children.  That notice needs to be sent by April 1 each year.

If the parent with the possession schedule does not send out the notice by April 1, the standard provision then says that the parent's time is automatically the month of July, July 1-31.

If you don't want your time in July, you better send out your notice by April 1 or you better be able to negotiate a trade of time with the other parent.  Hopefully, you and your ex have a decent relationship and can talk.  If not, you need to adjust your plans.

Also Note -- your possession schedule order may not be standard. 

Always look at your order to determine your rights and obligations, and deadlines.