Monday, June 1, 2020

You Can Choose How to Respond

Issues Don't Wait
Unfortunately, family issues don't wait to pop up only at the most convenient times. Many people are having marital problems while the coronavirus is going stronger than ever. (That's not a political statement -- it's just statistics.) 

Difficult Factors
Marriages are being affected by the sudden downturn in the economy, the layoffs, school being cancelled, people staying home more and restaurants and other businesses being closed. Suddenly, our lives are different in many ways. Some marriages are not strong enough to withstand the changing conditions.

Just like with the virus, you have some choices on how to respond to marital issues. 

  • You can ignore it and hope it goes away. 
  • You can isolate yourself and maybe your family. 
  • You can read up on it and try to treat your own problems/ resolve your marital issues. 
  • You can wear a mask and be extra careful  -- like counseling for the marriage. 
  • You can go to the doctor (or lawyer) for treatment and help.

There are a number of escalating steps you can follow, depending on how much effort you want to invest. To some extent, you can choose how to respond, but sometimes, things get out of control.

Here’s the Important Message – Start with the Experts
My suggestion:  get the expert help immediately so you can rationally decide which path to take. Rely on the knowledge and experience of your professionals.  Get the best medical help you can find and get the most knowledgeable and experienced attorney for advice on how to deal with your marital issues.

Good luck.