Tuesday, April 2, 2019

How Fast Can We Finish a Divorce?

Some people come to see me and they are in a big hurry to be divorced. Sometimes, both spouses are at that point. More often, it's just one spouse and that can lead to problems (= slower divorce).

Here's the starting point.

There's a 60-day waiting period required by the Texas Family Code.  It begins the day after the Petition for Divorce is filed. That's day one.

You count the next 60 days, including weekends and holidays.

You cannot get divorced until at least the 61st day after the filing.

Another disappointment for some people: 

The divorce is not automatically granted on the 61st day.

To get the divorce granted, you normally must appear in Court with your attorney and the proper paperwork.  Your attorney will tell what he or she needs from you and will prepare the documents needed.

If you are trying to get your own divorce without an attorney, you can do it, but it will take longer. Please contact the Court Clerk for instructions on setting a Court date.

All of the above is about how fast you can be divorced. In a normal case, it will take longer than 61 days. Please talk to your attorney to find out if you can either speed up or slow down your divorce.

Bonus Tip:  If you are in a hurry to be divorced, please tell your attorney when you first talk to him or her. Then you can talk about a realistic timetable.