Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Expect More Delays from the Pandemic

I just heard that the State Fair of Texas has been cancelled this year. That's the first time since WWII. The cancellation is a pretty big deal.

This cancellation is a clear indication that there is no expectation of the pandemic ending anytime soon. The State Fair run ends near the end of October. Obviously, the expectation is that the pandemic will still be strong then.

The reason I mention all that is to remind people that the courts will be mostly operating remotely through the Fall, and probably into next Spring or even Summer. Remote hearings are an awkward way of resolving legal disputes.

If you want a faster and more personalized way to settle divorce or other family law issues, you should seriously consider trying Collaborative Law. You will need two trained Collaborative attorneys, one for each party; not all attorneys are trained or interested in doing Collaborative cases. It is a different skill set and some people don't want to change or try something new.

Caution: If you interview an attorney and the attorney tries to talk you out of using Collaborative, please do yourself a favor and get a second opinion from a trained and experienced Collaborative attorney. The first attorney probably doesn't really handle Collaborative cases.

Good luck and stay safe!