Friday, February 8, 2008

Is There a Divorce Season?

Many commentators have discussed the perception that many couples take the plunge and file for divorce in January, right after the holidays. A study in England came to the conclusion that Jan.7 is "D-Day", the busiest single day for filing for divorce. A report in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review in January 2008 reached a similar conclusion.

Actually, it appears that January is a popular month to file for several reasons. First, many families put off the separation until January so the holidays are not spoiled for their children. Second, some people get caught up in the holiday spirit in December and decide to give the marriage one more try. Third, for some, the stresses of the holidays push one or both parties over the edge. Fourth, some wait to file until January when they have enough money to pay an attorney after spending their extra cash on gifts in December. Fifth, some people get caught up in making New Year's resolutions and decide to make a fresh start without their spouse. And there are undoubtedly other reasons that lead to decisions to file in January.

Actually, January through early Spring is often a time that is popular for filing for divorce. Different people take different amounts of time to decide to file. Some people wait for their tax refunds or wait for their bonus from work to arrive before filing. Some wait for their spouse's bonus to arrive before filing.

There really is no time of the year for filing that is better or worse than any other. No matter when you file, there will likely be difficult times ahead. Planning ahead, working with an experienced lawyer who is compatible with you and staying focused on what's really important will help minimize the problems, but they can't all be avoided. Getting counseling before, during and after a divorce is a wise course of action.

My best advice: Be careful because we are still in the Divorce Season.

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