Monday, November 10, 2008

Meeting Halfway for Child Visitation Exchanges -- Great Tip!

One of the consistently best family law blogs in the country is Georgia Family Law Blog by Steve Worrell. He recently posted a brief article about a really useful tool for parents who are figuring out where to meet to exchange their children. It's a web site that creates a map to help parents quickly resolve the issue of arranging the meeting place. Here's what he had to say:

"Frequently parents of divorce have an agreement, or a court order, to meet at a halfway point for purposes of exchanging their children for visitations. For families following such an arrangement,
MeetWays is a neat website.

" was created to let its users find a point of interest between two addresses. Let's say you need to meet your ex and the kids at some halfway point? will allow you to enter both addresses, then give you the exact halfway point and a list of restaurants and points of interest in that area. Save hours trying to figure out the halfway point on a map and instead find it in one simple click!"

I guess this would count as a tech tip. It's a very handy tool that can give an objective anwer to a question often asked about where the parties could meet in the middle. Even if the exact middle is not appropriate, just seeing the map could open up other possibilities for meeting places. The site can also help with finding a place to meet in the middle when there is longer distance travel involved, such as living in different cities or counties. It's a simple idea that's really worthwhile. Give it a try and let me know about your experiences.

California Divorce Blawg -- where the story originated.

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