Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Divorce Fair -- Good or Bad Idea?

A recent post in the Ontario Family Law Blog discussed how there had recently been a "Divorce Fair" in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. It was like a lot of trade shows with a variety of exhibitors and presentations, but they all related to divorce.

It sounded like an interesting idea that potentially could help people considering or facing divorce or possibly recovering from a divorce. I wonder how such a Fair would be received around here. If we had a Divorce Fair in Tarrant County, we could include such things as:

  • Information on alternatives, such as Collaborative Law and mediation.
  • Information about how traditional litigation works.
  • Sources of information so people can search for information they are interested in.
  • Tips for how to find and choose an attorney.
  • How to benefit from using a financial professional in a divorce.
  • How to benefit from working with a counselor.
  • Approaches for preparing parenting plans.
  • What Tarrant County courts expect from parties to a divorce.
  • What programs Tarrant County provides to assist divorcing parties.
I suspect that many people would be reluctant to attend a Divorce Fair. It's just not as enjoyable as a bridal fair or even a boat show. Some people wouldn't want others to know that they were thinking about a divorce, so they wouldn't want to appear in public at a Divorce Fair.

But, I'm curious:

  • What do you think about the idea of having such a fair?
  • Do you think very many people would attend?
  • Would you be interested in attending?
Anonymous answers are fine, but I would like to know how this would be received. Please share your opinions.

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Brian Galbraith said...

My blog generated some interest in Barrie, Ontario regarding the idea. We are considering the idea further. There is one in England too. One day is for men, and the other for women, so you don't bump into your ex (or worse... your soon to be ex) spouse.
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