Thursday, August 1, 2019

Don't Rely on What You Hear

When people start thinking about divorce, they often talk with family and friends to get information about it.  Naturally, they look to people who have had divorce experience or know someone who has. That is often a mistake.

Briefly, this is why it is a mistake to rely on what people tell you.

1.  Every case is different. This cannot be overemphasized.  Normally we only get part of the story from someone else. Some facts are forgotten. The legal issues may have been different. The history between the parties may be different from yours. The attorneys may have chosen to focus on or ignore certain legal issues. The way people get along with each other and other people is probably different. The goals and needs of the parties will be different. This list could go on and on.

2.  People sometimes get the facts mixed up. Probably unintentionally, but still a problem.  The more times a story is told, the  more it changes.

3.  Often people are basing their opinions on the law from other states. Believe it or not, laws are different in each of the states. Many times people suggest a course of action that is totally inappropriate in Texas. That happens with research online.

So, what can a person do?  Simple. Talk to an experienced attorney.  If it's a divorce case, talk to a divorce lawyer. If it's a criminal case, see a criminal lawyer. If it's a probate matter, go see a probate lawyer.

The common element is: go talk to a lawyer for important legal issues. Don't gather your information informally and start off on your own.  Talk to an experienced lawyer for your issues and take the advice. You will come out ahead.

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