Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Is It Too Soon to Start on a Divorce!

This is written for January 1st since January is a busy month for people deciding to file for divorce.  Many people put off the decision until after the holidays and that's usually a good thing. There's time for second thoughts and it means that the holidays don't get overwhelmed by divorce conflict.

Of course, the holidays don't mean there's a complete "time out". Conflicts continue, but the escalation from litigation is postponed.

However, sooner or later, the question becomes -- is it the right time for you to start the divorce?  To make that decision, consider the following:

1.  What are the problems?

2.  Are they long-term problems or a recent issue?

3.  Have you tried counseling?

4.  How does your spouse feel about divorce?

5.  Are you prepared financially?
     a.  Do you have cash savings?
     b.  Do you and your spouse have your own incomes?
     c.  Do you have a place to live after separation?
6.  Are you capable of managing your finances?

7.  Are you prepared for your spouse's reaction?

8.  Are there kids? Would they be fought over?

9.  What do you have to gain?

10. What do you have to lose?

These are questions that you must think about and answer.  If you are leaning toward filing for divorce, please meet with an attorney or attorneys. You need to get professional help for the serious issues that come up in a divorce. You can discuss all these issues with your attorney so you are as prepared as can be for the divorce. Good luck.

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