Friday, April 30, 2010

Satisfying Both Parties -- Collaborative Law

An excellent article by Teresa McUsic appeared in the venerable Fort Worth Star-Telegram today discussing Collaborative divorce. In particular, the writer referenced a recently-published book by Scott Clarke, Melinda Eitzen and Vicki James. The book called, Divorce: The Collaborative Way, is available through Amazon and various book stores.

The three authors are from the North Texas area. Scott is a financial planner in Colleyville, Melinda is a Dallas attorney and Vicki is a therapist in Dallas, although they all practice in multiple counties in North Texas. I have worked with Scott and Vicki and I know Melinda, so I can confirm that they are real authorities on Collaborative Law.

Ms. McUsic discussed various aspects of Collaborative Law with the three co-authors and explained how the three professionals work together as a team in Collaborative cases in Texas. Her article is a great brief introduction to Collaborative Law.

If the article tweaks your interest, you should find the book and read it. With explanations of what the paperwork means, how the process works and the roles of each of the professionals, the book gives you an excellent overview of Collaborative Law. It also contains examples that illustrate how the Collaborative process can be beneficial to both parties in ways that standard litigation can't. The authors make it easy and fast to read, and the book is inexpensive. If you are investigating Collaborative Law and thinking of using it, this would be a great resource for you and your spouse.

Disclaimer: The authors are friends, but I have no financial interest in the book.

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